Fathers for Change: Sensibilize Change in Hera

On June 25 – 26 2024, HAMNASA’S “Positive Parenting” activity continued to return to Hera Village, Cristo Rei Post-Administrative, Dili Municipality. During the two-day session, the maximum participation of the local authorities including head of village and hamlets and their delegations, youth chiefs, mother support groups (GSI), Estudante Lian Gestual CRLN, and people with disabilities among others, was very active.

This two-day session aims to raise awareness of the concrete information about Gender-Based Violence, the balance of power, gender norms and the role of local authorities in identifying and responding to VBJ in communities. The community leaders also explained that this activity is very useful for their community to prevent and reduce VBJ and its impacts.

Fathers will learn 17 sessions about helping each other at home, disciplining their children in a positive way rather than violence, decision-making power and support their partner during pregnancy and delivery, this activity also involved their partners in several of the sessions.

In the following sessions, the “Father of Change” activity will be involved with the Fathers and the mothers to learn about their gender roles and norms that will share responsibilities and grow the balance of power between the Father and the mother and their children.