Pivotal National Stakeholder Meeting on January 24, 2024

HAMNASA was proud to host a pivotal National Stakeholder Meeting on January 24, 2024, advancing the implementation of USAID funded activity “Breaking Barriers, Building Better Livelihoods: Integrated Gender-based Violence (GBV) Response in Timor-Leste “. The event aimed to gather insights and experiences related to GBV in Timor-Leste, fostering collaboration with development partners to fortify the program’s impact in ending GBV.

In collaboration with the Secretary of State for Equality, the Ministry of Health, and the Ministry of Social Solidarity and Inclusion, HAMNASA is leading the ending GBV program across Ermera, Liquica, Covalima, and Bobonaro municipalities. The approach includes community microplanning, male engagement, women’s economic empowerment, and intensive  training in addressing GBV for health workers with supportive supervision.

Thanks to all partners attending the National Stakeholder Meeting for contributing valuable ideas and experiences. Together, we strive to support communities and end GBV in Timor-Leste.