Positive Parenting pilot program / Fathers for Change activity


Our Positive Parenting Prevention Program is dedicated to fostering strong parent-child relationships, preventing behavioural issues, and promoting overall child well-being. Through proactive strategies and techniques, we create supportive environments that encourage effective communication and positive reinforcement. By prioritizing connection and understanding, our program aims to prevent negative behaviours and conflicts, fostering harmonious family dynamics.


Our intervention provides a safe space for parents to receive vital information, challenge negative norms, and acquire new skills in childcare and conflict resolution without violence. Participants engage in practical learning sessions in a non-judgmental environment, leading to positive changes in family relationships. The program also supports fathers in developing effective parenting practices and becoming supportive partners. Health workers are actively involved in promoting health during the curriculum.


– Increased awareness of inequality among parents due to unbalanced power dynamics.

– Enhanced knowledge and practice among fathers in active parenting and effective communication.

– Improved understanding and practice of positive child development and childcare among all parents.