Celebration with youth, children and women in Dili by Hamnasa

HAMNASA is proud to have been able to celebrate with youth, children and women in Dili to celebrate the closing of the 16 Days of Activism to End Violence Against Women and Girls with the theme “Investing in the Family to Prevent Violence Against Women and Girls”.

The main aim of the activity was to increase the knowledge of the younger generation, community and society, especially students, about how to prevent violence and how they can prevent themselves from being subject to various types of violence, as well as how women and children can defend their right to live free from violence. Local government representatives, parents and teachers were also involved, so that they can learn how to end violence against women and children, within the context of legal frameworks such as the Constitution, international conventions on children, and domestic violence laws, with the aim of preventing, protecting and providing assistance.

The Vice Director of the University of DIT stated that violence is bad behavior and is a barrier to equality, and therefore he asked local authorities, parents and society to continue to support victims so that they can live with peace and justice.

HAMNASA in collaboration with the Secretary of State for Equality (SEI) team and DIT University students helped to organize the march with trucks with loudspeaker and a drum band, with students of São Pedro school and São Michael Arcanjo College, as well as with the community, youth, children and women, especially students from IOB, UNPAZ, UNDIL, UNITAL and UNTL universities. The march started from IOB and ended at DIT. Entertainment, DJ, drama and music was by the DIT students. Although the march was affected by rain, it did not stop the event.
The event was attended by the Director-General of SEI, Mr. Armando da Costa, Nabilan Program team members, and representatives of JSMP, UN Women, Rede Feto, CARE International, MOFFE, KOICA, Deputy, Vice Director of the Untl, Community, Coconut Seller include university lecturers and staff.

This event was supported by UNFPA – KOICA (TOGETHER FOR EQUALITY).