The COVID Safe Activity

A key initiative to boost Timor-Leste’s COVID-19 response concludes successfully

An important initiative, which contributed to Timor-Leste’s efforts in combatting the COVID-19 pandemic, has successfully achieved its objective of expanding equitable access to safe and effective COVID-19 vaccines in the country.

Today, with the presence of USAID Timor-Leste’s representative, senior management from  HAMNASA, and officials from the MOH, we are gathering to celebrate the completion of COVID-19 SAFE project, funded by the USAID Health System Sustainability Activity and implemented by HAMNASA. This initiative was designed to support the MOH in its efforts to accelerate COVID-19 vaccinations and mitigate the pandemic’s impact, focusing on six municipalities that were lagging in vaccine uptake.

 The Activity awarded a grant of $320,000 initially, followed by an additional grant of $106,178, to local NGO Hamutuk Nasaun Saudavel (HAMNASA) for implementation of  the ‘COVID19 SAFE’ initiative. Since its  launch in January  2022, HAMNASA has worked closely with the MOH and municipality health services to disseminate COVID-19 information and conduct community mobilization to address  vaccine hesitancy.

As of June 2023, more than 80,000+ people aged 12 years and above in the targeted six municipalities had received COVID-19 vaccinations as a result of the direct support provided by  the Activity in collaboration with HAMNASA, as well as the support from the MOH, municipal health services, and health care professionals.


Inisiativa importante ida, ne’ebé kontribui ba Timor-Leste nia  esforsu hodi kombate pandemia COVID-19, kompleta ona ho susesu  ho ninia objetivu atu habelar asesu ne’ebé justu ba vasinasaun COVID-19 ne’ebé seguru no efetivu iha nasaun ne’e.

Ohin, ho prezensa husi USAID Timor-Leste nia reprezentante, ekipa hosi HAMNASA, no MdS nia Diretur Nasional ba Polítku, Planeamentu no Kopperasaun, ami halibur hamutuk hodi selebra enseramentu projetu COVID-19 SEGURU, ne’ebé finansia hosi USAID nia Atividade ba Sustentabilidade Sistema Saúde ne’ebe implementa hosi HAMNASA. Inisiativa ida-ne’e dezeña atu suporta MdS iha ninia esforsu atu aselera vasinasaun COVID-19 no hamenus impaktu pandemia nian, foka liu ba munisípiu neen ne’ebé taxa vasinasaun sei menus.

USAID Atividadenia atribui ona fundu $320,000, tuir mai atribui taan fundu adisionál $106,178 ba ONG lokál Hamutuk Nasaun Saudel (HAMNASA) ba implementasaun inisiativa COVID19 SEGURU ida ne’e.

Hahú kedas husi lansamentu iha Janeiru 2022, HAMNASA servisu hamutuk ho MdS no Servisu Saúde Munisipiu hodi fahe informasaun kona-ba COVID-19 no hala’o mobilizasaun komunitária hodi responde ba vasina hesitansia.

To’o Junu 2023, ema liu 80,000 ho idade tinan 12+ iha munisípiu alvu neen simu ona vasinasaun COVID-19 tanba apoiu diretu husi USAID nia Atividade iha kolaborasaun ho HAMNASA, nune’e mós apoiu husi MdS, servisu saúde munisípiu no profisionál saúde sira.

Increasing Vaccination Uptake

  • Support Ministry of Health (MoH) to conduct intensive vaccination awareness campaign in target villages, through schools, community mobilization and door-to-door, focusing on increase in first dose, second dose and Booster.
  • Develop communication messages and Public Service Announcements (PSAs) to promote awareness of vaccines among children and adults.
  • Identify and orient a cadre of role models (community leaders) to sustain vaccination awareness and health promotion activities among community.
  • Capacity develop on COVID-19 and Risk Communication and Community Engagement (RCCE) through trainings to health professionals.