Launching Breaking Barriers, Building Better Livelihoods

Today 6th March 2024, we are delighted together with the USAID | Timor-Leste Interim Mission Director, Mark Anthony White, Secretariat of State for Equality (SEI), Ms. Elvina de Sousa Carvalho, and Dr. Elizabeth Leto Mau, Director General of Primary Healthcare representing the Minister of Health, to officially launched the USAID activity Breaking Barriers, Building Better Livelihoods: Integrated Gender-based Violence (GBV) Response in Timor-Leste, to be implemented by HAMNASA in Ermera, Liquica, Covalima and Bobonaro over the next four years.

This will involve prevention and response approaches for interventions that will change norms and harmful behaviors through engaging communities and men specifically, identifying climate-friendly economic opportunities for women survivors and vulnerable women, along with business education, and working with health providers in improving the health provider responses to women experiencing GBV.

A huge thank you to all participants who attended the launch today. Together we will help communities to end gender-based violence and build better livelihoods.